Quiz – Cold Calling

This quiz is a review of the Cold Calling lesson you just completed and is designed to test the knowledge you acquired.

Below are several reasons why sales reps don’t like making cold calls. Which one is not a valid reason?


True or False – You don’t need to have a purpose for calling because it will sound too scripted to the customer.


When you make a cold call to a customer, the first thing you should do is:


When you get a rejection, or a ‘No’, you should:


True or False: After 2 to 3 attempts at trying to reach a prospect, it’s not worth pursuing after that.


When creating a customer profile, you should look at everything on the list below except which one?


A “call quota” lets you determine:


A very useful tool for helping you keep track of your prospecting activities and customer information is:


True or False: People pay more attention to how you say something than the actual words you choose.


What best describes Cold Calling?


How useful was this sales training lesson for your selling efforts?


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