CRM ROI Calculator

This CRM ROI (Return-On-Investment) calculator is designed to help you estimate the time it may take to pay back your investment in software, hardware and services for your CRM implementation project. This is only to be used as a guideline to help as a planning tool, and not a definitive financial analysis for committing business strategies. In order to use this spreadsheet, you will need to supply the following fields. All user-input fields are in RED in the spreadsheet. The rest of the fields are protected and cannot be changed.

  • Unit cost and quantity of the product you are purchasing, if any
  • Amount of annual support and maintenance costs, if any
  • Services costs (training, consulting, etc.), if any
  • Hardware costs, if any
  • Monthly Gross Sales for your company
  • Total number of sales reps using the CRM product
  • Total number of people (including the sales reps) using the CRM product
  • Average % of Gross Profit on your product or service
  • Your estimate of increased productivity after you automate (implement the CRM project)

Included in this calculator is a “Sample” column of figures to show how the results work as well as the calculations used in the spreadsheet. You can easily change results by altering the user-input fields such as costs or your estimate of increased productivity. Once again, this is only to be used as a guideline. PEAK Sales Consulting is not responsible for any business decisions, or their outcomes, that result from using this ROI Calculator.

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