Smart Marketing

Segmenting Customers for Successful Acquisition & Retention

by Russ Lombardo

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Sales Book - Smart MarketingSales Book - Smart Marketing

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Learn how to use CRM technology, customer profiling & Variable Data Marketing to affordably & successfully market to more qualified prospects.

The time has finally come where CRM and printing technologies have converged as a result of the economic benefits of digital printing and the introduction of Variable Data Marketing.

Where CRM products have been the central repository for all your customers’ information, using that customer knowledge to create intelligent, well-targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns has been difficult, at best.

Smart Marketing will illustrate ways to combine CRM technology, leads database systems, and Variable Data Marketing techniques to produce successful marketing programs for acquiring and retaining more customers, more economically.

You’ll discover:

  • How to utilize your CRM system for more successful marketing campaigns
  • How to segment your customer data into profiles for improved target marketing
  • How to get more qualified leads to import into your CRM system
  • How to economically create personalized marketing material that will actually get read by your prospects
  • How to deploy the latest Variable Data Marketing techniques for improved customer acquisition & retention

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Smart Marketing is a roadmap to revolutionizing your marketing tactics. In this book, Russ deftly explains how traditional concepts, like customer segmentation and lead management, can be combined with new innovations like variable data marketing to yield impressive results. Russ paints a clear picture of how to market with the customer — not the product — in mind. Customers want convenience, and marketers everywhere need to give it to them by finding new avenues for delivering more meaningful messages at the most opportune times.


Russ’ extensive background in complex customer relationship management (CRM) projects gives him a unique perspective on the great potential of the innovative and compelling techniques mentioned throughout the book. Russ has literally rolled up his sleeves and worked hands-on with hundreds of companies to develop, implement and fine-tune customer-centric initiatives. His shared knowledge in this book and in his earlier book, CRM for the Common Man, is truly invaluable and should be a permanent fixture in the library of anyone who takes customer loyalty seriously. Kerry Glance, Editor,


The information in this book has helped hundreds of businesses produce successful marketing programs for acquiring and retaining more customers, more economically. It will show you how too.