Using CRM Technology to Help You Sell

by Russ Lombardo

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Sales Book - CyberSellingSales Book - CyberSelling

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 CyberSelling combines the 3 key ingredients for making your sales career, and your sales team, more successful – Sales Processes, Selling Skills and CRM Technology.

CyberSelling will improve your sales career, and your sales team, by teaching what you need to know in order to succeed in today’s tough and challenging economy.

Whether for a sales team or an individual sales professional, you will learn various selling skills — from Cold Calling to Closing, and even Customer Retention after the sale. You’ll see how to use an actual CRM product, GoldMine®, to assist in each of the stages of the sales process as well as how to use this technology to support your selling activities. The PEAK Sales Process is highlighted as the sales process used to guide you through your selling activities in the most effective order.

CyberSelling was written for:

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals, Sales Managers, Executives, and Business Owners in companies of all sizes, both private and public
  • Sales Managers who want to build a world-class sales organization
  • People new to the sales profession who want to become very successful, very quickly
  • Veteran sales professionals who want to re-learn sales techniques or refresh their selling skills
  • Any sales professional and manager looking for ways to efficiently and effectively engage CRM Technology into their sales activities
  • Sales organizations, and sales individuals, in need of an organized and simple Sales Process to increase their sales effectiveness
  • Anyone involved in sales who wants to achieve better results in their sales career

If you fall into one or more of these categories, CyberSelling can and will benefit you enormously by making you more successful in your sales career!

CyberSelling will teach you and your sales team:

  • What Selling Skills to use
  • When to use these skills in the Sales Process
  • How to use CRM Technology to apply your Selling Skills and Sales Process

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Lombardo walks you step-by-step through designing your sales process, implementing training, honing sales skills, gaining buy-in, and mastering technology in a welcoming and conversational tone that encourages you to keep on reading—and motivates you to transform ideas into action. Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief, Publications, 1to1 Media, Peppers & Rogers Group


CyberSelling brings traditional sales ‘best practices’ and modern technology together to bring the art of sales into the 21st century. Highly recommended for every sales professional and marketing manager. Bradley Pascone, Marketing & Sales Manager, Fire Chief Equipment Company


I intend to make the CyberSelling book mandatory reading for all new sales reps. As well, I will be revamping my sales process manual to bring in some new rules based on the book. Good Job. ThanX. Keith Thompson, D J Media Enterprises Inc.