CRM for the Common Man

CRM For The Common Man

by Russ Lombardo

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Sales Book - CRM for the Common ManSales Book - CRM for the Common Man


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Don’t Buy This Book…

… if you are looking for technical information about implementing your CRM system, or product evaluations and comparisons, or details about how to apply your CRM technology.

However… if you need to:

  • Plan your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy
  • Identify what needs to be done internally before considering a CRM solution
  • Develop your company’s processes to improve your customer relationship management
  • Use your existing systems to maximize your CRM potential
  • Engage your entire company and get them behind your CRM strategy to guarantee success
  • Communicate your CRM plans and strategies to your sales reps, and other stake holders, to ensure total buy-in
  • Determine the costs associated with a CRM solution for your business, and calculate your ROI
  • Develop a business planning roadmap to assure a successful CRM implementation

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If you are considering implementing CRM in your business, Russ has provided you with an invaluable roadmap to ensure success in the process. CRM for the Common Man is a valuable consultative tool for all of you who are considering a CRM solution for your business.– Joe Outlaw, Research Director – Customer Relationship Management, Gartner, Inc.


In this book, Russ Lombardo identifies and transfers the essence of success for CRM implementations. His readers will enjoy the competitive edge that comes from following a proven, field-tested procedure that leaves nothing to chance. Ron Holm, President, Track Selling Solutions


CRM For The Common Man successfully avoids the technology and emphasizes the critical factors that make or break a CRM project – planning, communications and proper management expectations. – Joel Scott, President, Computer Control Corporation and author of Microsoft CRM For Dummies and GoldMine for Dummies


The information in this book has helped hundreds of businesses successfully plan for their CRM implementation and rollout. It will show you how too.