Sales Processes

Typically, companies find that most unrealized expectations in their sales performance have little to do with lack of ability, talent or activity. The problem is how these factors work in harmony with each other and if they are consistent with the overall business philosophy of acquiring and retaining customers.

The solution to these problems is to make sure everyone is working the same way and to capture and leverage the best practices of your most successful sales people.Sales Processes Having an effective Sales Process is the first step to achieving this goal. Once you have one, it can be modeled with technology in order to provide an automated methodology for all your people to use and benefit from, whether it is the Sales, Marketing or Support department. The result is everyone who touches the customer has the same knowledge and information about their business in order to achieve an effective and long-lasting relationship with that customer.

The entire sales team benefits most when they have a repeatable and sustainable sales process that drives sales and gets results. PEAK Sales Consulting offers services that result in a business changing into a process-centric sales organization.

The Sales Process involves more than just the sales reps, however. It involves everyone who “touches” the customer. Marketing, who focuses on lead generation, is the first touch. The Sales department follows up with prospecting, qualifying, filling the needs (selling) and closing. The Support Desk completes the cycle by providing world-class customer support. Thus, there is an endless, closed-loop of selling and supporting. As you sell, you then support. And the satisfied customers come back to buy more. This is a lifetime relationship and managed most successfully when a business has a clearly defined sales process focused on acquiring and retaining satisfied clients.