This portfolio contains samples of custom Sales Training courses we developed. These samples highlight just a small portion of the solutions we can design, develop and deliver for our customers. (Click HERE to learn more about our Sales Training Program Management Services.) These serve as examples of how effective sustained and continuous learning can be. eLearning is not necessarily used to replace Instructor Led Training (ILT) but rather augment it by reinforcing what was learned in the classroom and providing ongoing training when needed by the learner; anytime and anywhere. These samples were developed using a variety of authoring tools.

Click on the screen shots below to see brief videos of each sample.

eLearning Course

Cold Calling

Powtoons-Cold Calling

This eLearning course is on Cold Calling. It uses animated figures to engage and entertain the learner with visual stimulations that hold their attention. This particular course runs for less than ten minutes and is a self-contained video course. It can be used as a standalone learning tool, or as a reinforcement to classroom training on the same topic. Instead of forgetting what was learned in the classroom, the learner can view this short training nugget anytime and anywhere (on their PC, tablet or mobile device) as a refresher and to reinforce what they learned in the classroom. If this was included in your LMS, you could also append it with a quiz to test the learner’s understanding and retention. The tool used to develop this course is PowToon.

Application Software Training

Creating a New Opportunity in Salesforce.com

SFDC-New Opp Screen-Large

This is a sample eLearning course on how to create a new opportunity in Salesforce.com. It is intended to show how we can guide a new user through the navigation and data-entry of a software application, such as SFDC. While this Demo is basically a video that runs the user through the learning exercise, there are three other variations (not available to see here) that are produced. They include: a) Tutorial, where the system instructs the learner with a hands-on experience of everything they will need to do by themselves. b) Practice, where the user performs all the steps without any guidance or hints from the system. They are scored, but their scores are not recorded or saved. c) Test, which is like Practice except their scores are recorded and saved in your LMS (Learning Management System). This system can also generate user documentation in Word, PowerPoint, PDF or other formats. Click HERE for a sample PDF document. The tool used to develop this course is ActivePresenter.

Classroom Training (ILT)

 Handling Objections


This is a sample classroom training course (ILT – Instructor Led Training) on how to handle objections. This is a recording of that PowerPoint presentation, without the lecture audio. Its purpose is to demonstrate the slide designs. ILT courses such as this should be part of an overall sales training program that includes other classroom (ILT) courses, as well as eLearning and/or virtual learning courses. Such a sales training program will ensure your sales team gets their instruction anytime and anywhere, and from various devices (PCs, Tablets, Mobile) in an environment that is engaging, entertaining and sustainable.