Training Program Assessment


Training Program Assessment

Continuous, reinforced learning aligned with business objectives gives organizations competitive advantages by decreasing cycle times, reducing costs and increasing sales. Learning should not be viewed as an independent event. Rather, learning should be infused in the day-to-day and available anywhere and everywhere employees need it. As a sales manager with many challenging duties, finding ways to enhance the learning environment for your sales team is paramount to developing their selling skills and moving the needle for the organization.

We offer assistance with this effort by providing Sales Training Program Assessment services. We are well equipped to do so, given our experience in sales management, sales training, design and delivery of training material, content development, and classroom facilitation (check out our Portfolio for a sample of our work). We have worked on a number of training projects with clients such as Citrix/ShareFile, ASPE, Selleration, and more. Our goals are to develop and manage training programs that:

  • Are replicable, sustainable & scalable
  • Provide post-training reinforcement
  • Improve the on-boarding process
  • Cater to multi-generational audiences
  • Minimize your commitment of internal resources
  • Improve employee motivation & engagement
  • Attract top talent
  • Reduce turnover

Our initial engagement would entail an assessment of your existing sales training material to see what can be used and/or re-purposed. This stage aids in determining what can be recouped from previous efforts and how it should be incorporated in future planning. This stage also identifies training gaps that need to be filled.

Based on these preliminary findings, a Training Program Plan is developed that will:

  • Identify the training requirements (topics, duration, timing, etc.) for each level of audience/learner
  • Determine training goals – objectives, results and outcomes for each course and program
  • Define the schedule for delivery of each module
  • Define the best methods of blended learning for delivery (ILT, eLearning, Mobile, Gaming, etc.)
  • Identify other supplementary sales training support materials and training options (job aids, reinforcement tools, videos, role playing, LMS, etc.)

After this step we could design, develop, implement and deliver/facilitate your training courses, curriculum and material. You would determine our level of involvement at this stage based on your existing resources, budget and other requirements. Click HERE for a sample of some of the courses we developed.

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Sales Training Program Management

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