Customer Service Snippets

Having Trouble Servicing Your Customers?

Once you acquire new customers, you need to turn them into repeat customers by keeping them satisfied and making them loyal by providing excellent customer service. This training program (Customer Service Snippets) will help you and your customer service team exceed customer expectations, increase repeat business and energize your employees.

Simply click on the Buy Now button below and you will get immediate access to our three online Angry_Customer1customer service training snippets. Don’t have a lot of time? That’s fine because these courses are short and you can listen to and watch them at your leisure, again and again, 24/7.

Each customer service snippet is between 20 and 35 minutes in length and will run through the presentation slides on your PC with the audio instructions provided by Sales & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specialist, Russ Lombardo. Once you select the online customer service training snippet of your choice (after you make your purchase below), just sit back and watch and listen to your training snippet to help improve your customer service skills. Then choose another Snippet and watch that one too whenever you’d like. You can watch as many training snippets as you’d like, and return as many times as you need, for a one-time package price.

These online Customer Service Training Snippets include lessons on:

  • The Impact of Customer Service
  • How Attitude Affects Service
  • Understanding & Satisfying Customer Expectations
  • Personality Types and How to Deal With Each One
  • Listening Skills – Why Listening is Important & How to Improve It
  • Caring for Customers
  • Handling Difficult & Angry Customers
  • Preventing Service Problems With Proactive Service
  • Feedback – What to Start/Stop/Measure
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Improving Teamwork

To access all 3 Customer Service Training Snippets for only $24.95,

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The Customer Service Training Snippets included in this package are:

1 Customer Service Excellence – Part 1 (approx 22 mins)Learn about customer retention, the impact of losing customers, what are your customers’ expectations, the Loyalty Factor, what customers want and the Science of Sales.
2 Customer Service Excellence – Part 2 (approx 35 mins)Learn about adapting the right mindset for customer service, making a good first impression, having the right attitude, the Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts of customer service, the different personality types using the DISC profile and using the right listening skills.
3 Customer Service Excellence – Part 3 (approx 31 mins)Learn about presenting the right solution to your customer, handling objections, how to treat a difficult customer, the proper telephone techniques and good teamwork with the rest of your staff.

Your Investment is only $24.95 — About $8.00 per Snippet

To access all 3 Customer Service Training Snippets for only $24.95, simply click the BUY NOW button below.