Sales Snippets

Having Problems Reaching Your Goals?

Maybe all you need is a quick refresher on some basic selling skills. Or maybe you are new to sales and need some quick basic sales training. Well, you’re in luck. We are now offering brief online sales training sessions called Sales Snippets! That’s right. Simply click on the Buy Now button below andSales Training you will get access to our ten online sales training modules. Don’t have a lot of time? That’s fine because these courses are short and you can listen to and watch them at your leisure, again and again, 24/7.

Each sales course is between 10 and 20 minutes long and will run through the presentation slides on your PC with the audio instructions provided by Sales & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specialist, Russ Lombardo. Once you select the online sales training course of your choice (after you make your purchase below), just sit back and watch and listen to your Sales Snippet to help improve your selling skills. Then choose another course and watch that one too whenever you’d like. You can watch as many Sales Snippets as you’d like, and return as many times as you need, for a one-time package price.

Sales Snippets include online sales training courses on cold calling, listening skills, qualifying prospects, establishing credibility, value-added selling, closing, negotiating, handling objections, customer retention and sales as a profession.

To access all 10 Sales Snippets for only $29.95, simply click the BUY NOW button below.


The Sales Snippets included in this package are:

1 Cold Calling (20 mins) Learn about why sales people don’t like to cold call, the 12 Tips to improving your cold calling, how to manage your cold calling efforts, how to make the best first impression, and more.
2 Listening Skills (11 mins) Learn why listening is important, the 3 steps to listening, how to become a better listener, what is good listening, and more. 

Listen to a FREE SAMPLE (6 mins)

Listening Skills

3 Qualifying Prospects (13 mins) Learn what information to gather to properly qualify a prospect, what types of questions to ask, why good questions are important, how to ask the right questions, and more.
4 Establishing Credibility (11 mins) Learn what your prospects need to know, the right time to establish your credibility, how to create a 60-second commercial, how to match your prospect’s needs, how to differentiate yourself, and more.
5 Value-Added Selling (14 mins) Learn how to create value in a sale, what relationship selling is, the 8-steps to adding value in a sale, how to present the solution, and more.
6 Closing (12 mins) Learn why sales people don’t like to close, when the right time to close in the sales process is, what closing approaches you should avoid, the prospect’s buying signs, effective closing statements, and more.
7 Negotiating (12 mins) Learn what effect negotiating has on the sale, different types of negotiating, what negotiating power is, what techniques to avoid, and more.
8 Handling Objections (12 mins) Learn the secret of the “1st objection“, how to handle objections, sample responses to objections, how to use value to eliminate objections, how to address objections about pricing and the competition, what to do after the sale is made, and more.
9 Customer Retention (16 mins) Learn the effects and impact of customer retention, the market issues affecting retention, what CRM is, why you should develop a CRM strategy, why CRM strategies fail, the 12 steps to making CRM work for you, and more.
10 The Sales Profession (13 mins) Learn why sales reps have bad reputations, what makes a winning sales professional, how sales is a science and not just an art, how anyone can succeed in sales, how to improve your image, and more.

  Total Time: Approximately 2 Hours 25 Minutes

To access all 10 Sales Snippets for only $29.95, simply click the BUY NOW button below.