Sales Coaching

Retain a Sales Coach to Augment Your Existing or Unavailable Sales Management

Typically, companies find that most unrealized expectations in their sales performance have little to do with lack of ability, talent or activity. The problem is how these factors work in harmony with each other and if they are consistent with the overall business philosophy of acquiring and retaining customers. Sales Coaching can help.

The solution to these problems is to make sure everyone is working the same way and to capture and leverage the best practices of Sales_Coaching_Imageyour most successful sales people. It can also require developing those skills in-house. Once you develop your sales processes and identify your best practices, you have a model from which your entire team can use and benefit. The results can be enormous since everyone will reach their full potential by using replicated practices and processes that are proven and effective. The end results to your customers are that you will achieve an effective and long-lasting relationship with them, which is where your long-term revenue and success comes from. As your Sales Coach, we can help you with the following:

  • Re-enforce formal sales training received by sales reps
  • Train your sales reps on best sales practices & methods
  • Ensure sales reps have the appropriate skills set
  • Analyze your lead flow system
  • Help develop new Sales Processes (or enhance existing ones)
  • Coach and mentor your sales reps & team

For a nominal monthly fee, we will work with your Sales team to coach and mentor them on a part-time or full-time basis. This includes on-site, full- or half-day visits and/or phone-based coaching calls to assist with issues, answer questions, and provide additional coaching as needed.

 Click here for our Sales Coaching Brochure (PDF)

If you’re thinking about consulting with Russ, I highly recommend it. In just one day of strategic consulting with him, he delivered tremendous content, clarity and wisdom regarding the future direction of this company — Maria Quezada, Marketing & Latin America Sales at Laversab